ConceptCreditsSlideshowConcept Square  table in solid wood, with  leg made of two parallelepipeds integrated with each other, like an object and its shadow.  Union between solid wood in glued lists and a part…


ConceptCreditsSlideshowConcept Bench made of two parallelepipeds integrated with each other, like an object and its shadow. Union between a single block of solid scented cedarwood, squared section, and a part obtained with…


The Quarry: It is a tribute to a worksite dedicated to uncovering the secrets of each Masseto vintage. It is also a tribute to the wider history of human effort and its interaction with the natural world.


ConceptCreditsSlideshowConcept A place of encountering, confronting and arousal where the guest, the traveler, discovers the Irpinian and Campanian gastronomic tradition set on the top of Feudi di San Gregorio Winery. In contrast…


An extremely simple but flexible and versatile system, it’s good at organize every issue related to ceiling in architecture.


ConceptCreditsSlideshowConcept A light you can customize by yourself. Carmencita comes to life from this very simple idea. You can create different combinations changing the way to put her various shades on, turning…


ConceptCreditsSlideshowConcept When I think to a project, I try to achive a shape able to solve the planning path in itself. A shape that's pure and complete. I think IOTA is a…

Stone likes water

The project starts from the idea to live a pleasure moment in the bath: a room of meditation and relax, feeling the visual and physical contact with flowing water, an element in never ending mutation.
There are two fundamental points in the concept that stands at the basis of Stone likes Water system.


ConceptCreditsSlideshowTechnical drawingsConcept AIBACHI BOWLS The “Bowl series” is born from a symbiosis of opposites. The series consists of a combination of aluminum vessels in traditional colors and modern materials such as wood…