An extremely simple but flexible and versatile system, it’s good at organize every issue related to ceiling in architecture.

Design: Hikaru Mori

The first point: the module.

Nowadays on ceilings we can found every kind of lighting sources with different sizes and forms, creating a disastrous situation and confusion. Through the creation of a primary module which is able to contain these devices, it becomes possible to organize them all in a free but defined way.

The second point: the extrusion.

Adam has an extruded pipe as lighting body. Theoretically the spot could be as long as the project requires (for practical reasons we chose three standard measures: 10, 25 and 60cm, but every lenght is available on demand) and it can be adjusted in three positions creating a different proportion between ceiling and lighting source. The placement of the blank plate can be adjusted in three different positions compared to the extruded pipe, in order to create different beams of light. This flexibility of assembling allows to produce a lighting system that satisfies every need, adapting both to decorative and technical lighting field.

There are two types of Adam module.

While maintaining the same semplicty and flexibility, Adam 1 and Adam 2 offer different types of light: Adam 1(10cm extruded) is suitable for durect lighting, while Adam 2 (16,5cm extruded) is indicated for ambient lighting.


Hikaru Mori
Davide Pasquariello
Lighting body in die-cast and extruded aluminium. Frame in thermoplastic