Stone likes water

The project starts from the idea to live a pleasure moment in the bath: a room of meditation and relax, feeling the visual and physical contact with flowing water, an element in never ending mutation.
There are two fundamental points in the concept that stands at the basis of Stone likes Water system.

Design: Hikaru Mori

The first point: water.

I wanted to introduce water movement into functional elements of bathroom. A simple motion becomes source of inspiration. Thanks to water presence the components acquire the final state of project. Watching and feeling water flowing gives a strong regenerative sensation. Bathroom becomes a central place and moment in everyday life.

The second point: the module.

Introducing the module allows to coordinate every component in the bathroom thanks to a natural, surely beautiful, and easy to shape material that is stone. Components are characterised by different stackable sizes as well as different qualities of surfaces and thicknesses, in order to give birth to a flexible geometry and a game of architectural volumes that creates a very refined design.
Hikaru Mori

Piba Marmi s.p.a.
Hikaru Mori