Neoreal – In the Forest

Milan Design Week 2012

Apparently peaceful, seemingly invariable – such are the great workings of nature which sustain our everyday life. What I’ve proposed is a space that gives form to the theme of reconsidering man’s place as one constituent element of the natural world.
With this exhibition, I’ve taken the feeling of getting lost in a deep forest and created a spectacle from it.
Although the exhibition space expresses a deep forest, which is something far removed from the everyday, it is closely linked to the everyday world which extends beyond the four walls of the exhibition venue.
Furthermore, forests contain within them various different aspects, as tranquillity and activity, mystery and reality. As if to hint at those aspects, by emphasizing the confrontation of two opposing elements, such as height versus lowness, spaciousness versus narrowness (achieved through manipulation along vertical and horizontal axes), deep green versus white, exterior versus interior and so on, a pseudo space with a sense of tension is created. While isolating from a visual perspective the views of nature presented by “Spring “ and “Fall in Pop” yet subtle and dynamic sensory image spaces on the one hand, and the world of natural images expressed by “Super Nature” on the other, by designing them so they are connected, I hope visitors will get a sense of the world view as a whole, much as the pieces of a puzzle come together to form a complete picture.
It’s a space that embodies the real world in a conceptual way, in the form of a quasi-real world achieved through the reproduction of images.

While giving a sense of visual autonomy to the works, with their differing perspectives on the world, the design also makes use of opposing elements, suvch as vertical and horizontal axes, dark greens and whites, exteriors and interiors and so forth, bringing these elements together into one overarching view of the world – Neoreal in the Forest – with its concept of opposing aspects (tranquillity and activity) contained within forests.

Canon Inc.

Hikaru Mori (ZITOMORI)
Hikaru Mori (ZITOMORI)
Toshiky Kiriyama (Trunk Ltd.)
Ryuji Nakamura (architect)
Mintdesigns (fashion designers)
Nobuhiro Shimura (imaging artist)
Masato Hatanaka (Sound designer)

Daisuke Oki


Superstudio Più Art Point, Milan, Italy

Exhibition space 825 sqm