Aisin – Imagine New Days

Milan Design Week 2016

Milan Design Week 2016

Design: Hikaru Mori

Imagine New Days is AISIN’s design project that considers the possible lifestyle changes in future generations. Since its establishment, AISIN has leveraged the spirit of “monozukuri” (skilled manufacturing) it has acquired in developing home use sewing machines to various business fields from automotive parts to life and energy-related products. This year, AISIN will use the sewing machine, which is considered one of the origins of AISIN’s technology, to propose “the fun of monozukuri” that brings to form people’s creativity and “a rich lifestyle that coexists in harmony with nature.”

Inside the tunnel the installation “DRIVE TO SHINE” where cogs of different size mesh with each other and rotate slowly. Light shines through perforations in each cog to create a projection on the floor reminiscent of dappled sunlight in woodlands. Yoshimoto’s work expresses the vision and creativity of AISIN that supports the coexistence of people, nature, and motorized societies.

Textile designer Masaru Suzuki creates a world using textiles that were embroidered as freely as drawing pictures by hand with the home-use sewing machine OEKAKI50. The sewing machine “OEKAKI50” used to create the installation “STITCH FIELD” will also make an appearance within the space.

The space composed of textiles decorated with the “o-ekaki” (or “drawing”) stitches offers visitors a feeling that they are strolling through a wavering natural setting.



Milano Design Award 2016

The objective of Milan Design Award is to elect, via an international jury, the best project displayed during Fuorisalone based on four categories that define the fundamental qualities of an installation: concept, technology, storytelling and engagement.

This year The Milan Design Award selected “Imagine New Days” the best projects/installations at Fuorisalone for the category:

Best Engagement by IED

The best installation that distinguishes the bridge between the piece and the public, establishing an immersive rapport via the diverse aspects of the installation (location, sounds and lighting).

Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd
Hikaru Mori
Angela Abbruzzese
Hikaru Mori
Toshiki Kiriyama (Trunk Ltd.)
Hideki Yoshimoto (Drive to Shine)
Masaru Suzuki (Stitch  Field)
Setsu & Shinobu Ito (Torta sewing table & stool set)
Superstudio Più LOUNGE, via Tortona 27, Milan, Italy
Exhibition area 380 sqm





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